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To meet the expectations and needs of our customers for the next steps for the treatment of secondary details cut by laser and water, kindly inform you that we extended our machine park of the Center Vertical VF-3 (CNC milling machine). We have expanded thanks to this investment range of laser and waterjet cutting, bending steel for the next stage of machining, secondary - CNC milling, chamfering, threading, dredging holes, reaming, planning etc.

We have a leading machine manufacturer milling - HAAS, Model VF-3.

We provide services on own material and entrusted by the Client.

When performing our services CNC milling machine use of modern technology backed by CAD / CAM software (ESPRIT CAM). We provide services on the basis of technical documentation provided by the client, and documentation are made on the basis of detail. We have the capability of 3D modeling. We mill 2D and 3D, we also have a fourth axis of rotation.

Our services include the production of large series and services based on the realization of the production of prototype and small batch production unit.

The experience of our employees, combined with technical company provides a basis to offer services of the highest quality.


TECHNICAL DETAILS - Center Vertical VF-3
Shift in the X axis 1016 mm
Shift in the Y axis 508 mm
Shift in the Z axis 635 mm
The fourth axis of rotation 360 °
Weight 5670 Kg
Length 1219 mm
Width 457 mm
The maximum table load (even) 1588 Kg
Max power 22,4 kW
Max speed 8100 rpm
milling steelcnc milled details

cnc milling details


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