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Laser and water jet cutting


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is an advantageous technology choice. Among many advantages of this method we can point out:

  • Express production of details – the components cut out by laser are usually ready to be used or installed directly after cutting, without any additional treatment.
  • Narrow area of thermal influence – highly concentrated laser stream reduces to minimum the influence of temperature on the metal treated preventing it from changing the structure and properties.
  • Repeatability of the process – there’s no physical contact between the cutting head and the material cut so that the head doesn’t wear out.
  • Minimal waste - possibility to design the most optimal cutting path and the most optimal placement of the elements to be cut which maximizes the use of sheet’s space.
  • Fast implementation of large series/small series production – possibility of changing the data and settings easily which enables a large series production as well as unitary production.

Maximal thickness of cut materials :
Black steel 15 mm
Stainless steel 6 mm
Aluminium 5 mm

Our price depends on the material type and the time of cutting. That’s why in order to estimate the cutting cost, please send us an email with a draft in DXF, DWG format or a technical draft via fax +48 71 333 66 33.

There’s a possibility to estimate the price on the basis of drafts in other formats (as above), a photo or a scan.


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